We are working on the following projects.


    Assessing Reliability of AI-driven Hypotheses in Static and Dynamic Environments and Its Application to Medical Science
    PI: Ichiro Takeuchi
  • JSPS Kiban-A
    Evaluating the reliability of data-driven hypotheses obtained by through exploratory analysis and its demonstration in the life sciences
    PI: Ichiro Takeuchi
  • Moonshot (Cabinet Office)
    Co-evolution of Human and AI-Robots to Expand Science Frontiers
    PM:Kanako Harada (U-Tokyo)/ Sub-PM:Ichiro Takeuchi and others
    Creation of Automated Protein Engineering Led by AI
    PI: Keiichi Inoue (U-Tokyo) / Co-PI: Ichiro Takeuchi and others
  • NEDO
    Accelerating The Use of AI Technologies through Automated Machine Learning
    PI: Masaki Onishi (AIST) / Co-PI: Ichiro Takeuchi and others
  • NEDO
    Development of crystal growth technology by communication between AI and operators
    PI: Toru Ujihara (Nagoya U) / Co-PI: Ichiro Takeuchi and others
  • JST AIP Acceleration Research
    Deepening Statistics for Reliable Data-Driven Science
    PI: Koji Tsuda (U-Tokyo) / Co-PI: Ichiro Takeuchi and others
  • RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP), Goal-Oriented Technology Research Group
    Data-Driven Biomedical Science Team
    Team Leader: Ichiro Takeuchi (Joint Appointment)